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Ministry Assistant at the EKU Wesley

The EKU Wesley is located in Richmond Kentucky on the campus of Eastern Kentucky University. The Wesley operates as an extension ministry of the Kentucky Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.  At the Wesley we are striving to create a culture and an environment where all students are welcome to be part of our community regardless of where they are in their faith journey, and regardless of how they feel they “fit in” socially. Life on a college campus can be isolating and lonely. College students are overwhelmed with trying to figure out life as well as setting a course for their futures. Amid these rocky waters, the Wesley wants to create a place for them to belong and have meaning right now in their lives as they learn to grow in maturity and faith. We want to see every student loved, happy, and whole in Jesus Christ. We try our best to create safe, welcoming, no-frills, simple gathering times around meals, worshiping together, and sharing life and faith through conversations. We desire to be honest and vulnerable with how hard life can be, but believe with faith and hope God is carrying us through. We believe every student is called to live a life of love and service. Our student leadership team meets regularly to grow as disciples of Jesus, mature young adults, and passionate leaders sent into the classroom, places of employment, community, and families as agents of love and service.  


The EKU Wesley is creating a new position.  We are looking to hire a part-time Ministry Assistant.  This new position is being created with the hopes that whoever serves within it will be able to build and form their current role starting with the below job description, but also build towards the future of the position that can best serve the ministry and the students of EKU.  We are starting this position with a probationary period having a max of 20 hours a week starting January 2022 and running through the end of May 2022.  At the end of May, the position and the staff person will receive an evaluation determining the continuation of the position.  At that time the board of the EKU Wesley will determine if the role should continue into the 2022-2023 school year and the board will seek to hire someone for a 10-month contract.


Those interested in applying should send resumes and brief ministry narrative to 



Job Description

  • Ministry Engagement - approx. 15 hours week contingent on in person 

    • Weekly programming during the semester

      • Follow-up with visitors for either coffee/meal together.  

      • Send reminder text, thanks for coming, weekly scripture prayer text. 

      • Take lead on tabling/publicity on campus bi-monthly 

      • Participate in weekly student leadership team meeting - 1 hr week

      • Lead programming in conjunction with the director

    • Overnight trip programming - approx. hours depending on the trip.  Because of the high hours accumulated on these trips, the weeks around said trips will have adjusted hours.  

      • Attend weekend retreats (1 per semester)

      • Attend Spring break mission trip 

      • Leadership retreats (1 overnight) and planning days at the beginning and end of the school year

  • Administration - approx. 5 hours a week contingent on quantity and quality of work needing to be done.  These administrative duties can be fulfilled remotely without being in the office.  

    • Monthly newsletter production 

    • Thank you notes

    • Meal train organization

    • Social media management/publicity/engagement

    • Produce graphics and flyers

    • Meet with Operational team (board ex-team) 2 hours monthly 

  • Gifts and Graces

    • Passionate about following Jesus and helping others do the same

    • Willingness to serve as needed

    • Passion to work alongside college students to help nurture them in their faith development.   

    • Patience with rhythm on a college campus; seasons of running full speed and seasons of rest. 

    • Ability to have and work with a fluid schedule in the midst of changing schedules. There are some set seasons for programming because of the semester schedules and there are some seasons for rest, renewal, and planning. 

    • Socially extroverted and comfortable engaging others in conversation in both large and small group settings. 

    • Organizational skills in both written and verbal communications. 

    • Willingness to work and plan with the director and the student leadership team. 

    • Willingness to ask for help or clarification when needed.  

    • Heart for both personal and communal discipleship practices.  

  • Requirements

    • A bachelor’s degree and previous participation in a college ministry are required. Leadership experience in college ministry is preferred. (Experience with a United Methodist Campus ministry is desired, but not required.)

    • Ability to work flexible hours that includes nights during the school year as well as a few overnight trips during the year. 

    • Not only will payment and fees for all retreats, mission trips, and group outings be covered, but Continuing Education events would be an expectation to see the Ministry Assistant grow as a disciple and leader.  

    • After 3 months there will be an evaluation of the Ministry Assistance and the job description expectations to determine the best use of hours spent in service of the students and the ministry to create a baseline for healthy expectations.  

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